Shelley Heyhoe:


Shelley is the owner and founder of Dog Treks:


Shelley Heyhoe owner and founder of Dog Treks.


During High School Shelley worked voluntary as a groom at her local Horse Riding School every weekend for several years. She helped to look after the horses and to lead beginners in the school and to help the staff take out rides. In return she gained free riding tuition and the knowledge of equine husbandry.

After High School, where she obtained an 'AS' Level qualification in Human Psychology, she went to Huddersfield Technical College to do a National Diploma in Animal Care and Management.

In 2002 she was given a place at the University of Chester College to do a BSC in Animal Behaviour. In her second year Shelley was fortunate enough to be allowed extra time away to do an 3 month Internship at Wolf Park in Indiana, USA. While at this facility she was able to learn about and get hands on experience (literally!!!!) with socialized wolves, enabling her to develop a better understanding of canine behaviour:

 Shelley giving Orca a scratch at Wolf Park

Shelley graduated her degree with honors in 2005 and had a desire to become an Animal Behaviourist in the future. In the time being Shelley worked for the RSPCA as an Animal Care Assistant temporaily before swanning off around the world for 3 and a half years (it's alright for some!). She started of in South Africa at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Centre in Höedspruit and finished at Naturally Horsey in Margaret River, South Western Australia, which was a natural horsemanship riding school and trekking centre. She also stopped off in New Zealand for 19 months in between:


Shelley feeding Tinkerbell at Moholoholo.  


It was while Shelley was in Australia that she began watching the Dog Whisperer programme, which stars the world renowned dog behaviour expert Cesar Millan. Impressed with what she had seen, Shelley decided to go to a seminar that Cesar Millan was conducting in Perth later that year. She now incorporates the principles of dog psychology into Dog Treks and uses the same principle of calm assertive energy to communicate with all social animals not just dogs. 

Apart from Dog Treks and being a supporter of many animal charities and a vegetarian, Shelleys' other interests are gardening, which she is happy to do for her clients while they are away or if they are unable to do it themselves, and reading and writing when she has time and the ability to concentrate. 


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