Darcy being taught part of the Friendly Game, which is the first out of Seven Games that Parelli teaches for gaining trust and respect between you and your horse.All manner of training is available and is conducted by Shelley Heyhoe the owner and founder of Dog Treks, from puppy socialization and recall training to loading a horse onto a horse box. 

Please bare in mind that Shelley will only train a balanced animal that is ready to learn. So you will need to rehabilitate any issues your pet has first, which Shelley can also help you with.


Unfortunately all training has to take place at your own home or in a public place or a safe alternative place that you have access to, due to a lack of facilities, which does limit the type of cases Shelley can except. Shelley is very keen to stress that this is only a temporary set back and hopes it won't be for long and that she will be able to accept all training cases again soon, hopefully in the not too distant future. Shelley is more than willing to help in any way she can, so feel free to Contact Us to discuss your individual needs and requirements even if you think your case may be effected by the restrictions.

The training techniques used vary from positive and negative reinforcement to clicker training and associated learning, as well as using natural horsemanship, etc. Training costs between 10 to 25 per hour depending on the case

If you are interested in having your pet trained by Shelley and would like to book  a FREE no obligation Assessment or just require more information on the services we offer then feel free to Contact Us.