Weekly Rate (Minimum 5 days per week) = 10% discount


PET SITTING:  (At your property)


Pet Visits: (Half hour - 2 hrs per day. Choose how you want the time allocated)

7 = Half hr, 10 = 1hr and 16 = 2hrs (Mon - Sun). Xmas and New Yr = 5 extra

Includes feeding, care, stable/barn and field husbandry, muck out, let out and house checks. Depending on the animal, companionship can be given for 1hr and 2hr visits if applicable (grooming, socializing, training, etc.). The Half hour visit is mainly  just an animal, field and house check making sure everything is alright, fed and watered, but if there is time some companionship will be given.

1hr and 2hr Pet Visits can also include other tasks at the owners' request and our discretion.


Pet Sitting: (Overnight stay = 35/24hrs (Mon - Sun). Xmas and New Yr = 70/24hrs)

As above but Includes overnight security and up to 2hrs of exercise, which can be divided up between the morning and evening. Other tasks can also be included during the Pet Sitting service at the owners' request and at our discretion.


The price varies with severity from 15/hr - 30/hr.


The price varies depending on the species from 10/hr - 25/hr.



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