The Pet Sitting service is available throughout the Calderdale and Kirklees area, but unfortunately is only avaliable in your own home, due to a lack of facilities at Dog Treks.  




There is something for everyone and the service that is provided is tailored to you and your pets' specific requirements with flexibility in the days and times depending on certain circumstances. You pay for the time and can decide how you want it to be allocated.

Disclaimer - Even though we do our uppermost to ensure all animals are returned to their owners in a healthy state of mind and body, there are times when unforseen circumstances arise that can lead to your animal not returning to it's sitter or an accident occurring in the home or out on a walk. Because of this all animals must wear a collar - or alternative if an exotic or large animal - with an ID tag, which must contain the owners name and contact number (preferably not the animals name as this can lead to animals being stolen). All animals must be fully vaccinated (unless the service is for puppies and kittens that have yet to finish their vaccinations, or mothers with young, etc.). Although not a necessity, we would advise that your animal be microchipped as well. Un-neutured animals are excepted, however there may be an extra charge for exercising animals in season (if applicable) as more care will have to be taken and they may have to be exercised on their own (an exclusive charge may apply).


Pet Visits:

You can choose from a half hr, 1 hr and a 2 hr visit, once or twice a day, which  includes the feeding and care of your pet and companionship:


Smudge demanding some attention.


We try to aim for 30 mins of companionship (15 mins for half hour visits), but how much companionship we are actually able to provide will depend on how much time you want to choose, other tasks that you would like to be done and what species your pet is and any specific requirements that they may have, e.g. It takes more time to muck out a horse than it does to clean a littertray and animals needing medication will take more time than those that don't. You may want to bear this in mind when deciding on how long you would like the visit to be.

Pet Sitting:

This service provides 24 hour care for your pet in your own property with overnight companionship and home security included. It also includes up to 2 hrs of exercise that can be divided up throughout the day and evening (the length and type of exercise can vary depending on the species being looked after and can be substituted for something else specific to the physical and psychological needs of that species).

Other tasks can also be requested at the discretion of the sitter and at no extra cost, such as gardening:


A clients garden in Spring.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in this service and would like to book an Assessment or you require more information about any of the services we provide.

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