Wolf Park is a research and educational facility in Indiana, North America. Wolf Park specializes in Wolf behaviour, but it also has Foxes and Bison on site and teaches about their behaviour and how they relate and respond to wolves. It's open to the public and conduct tours around the park all year round. There are regular howl nights and fun days where the public can experience the joy of Wolf and Human interaction.

As well as all that (and much more...) Wolf sponsors and staff (Interns and Volunteers included) are privileged enough to enjoy hands on interaction with the socialized Wolves, which made for amazing photo opportunities for Shelley when she was an Intern at Wolf Park:


Marion greeting Staff and Interns at Wolf Park   Shelley Giving Deneb a belly rub.   A close up of Orca a white Timber Wolf   Orca getting scratches from Shelley.   Orca shading under a tree in Summer at Wolf Park and looking trim in his Summer coat.   Erin (closest) and Tristan who are brother and sister were part of the Mini Pack and are rare Timber Wolves.   Tristan.   The Bison at Wolf Park are used for Wolf and Bison Demonstrations to educate the public on how Bison and Wolves respond to each other in the wild.   Sisters Chani (Left) and Sierra.   A close up of Sierra.     


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