WALKS - Judy Woods

Judy Woods is situated in South Bradford, not very far out of Brighouse town centre and towards Wyke. It has been recently named after Judy North who lived in a cottage near Horse Close Bridge in the 1850 - 60's. Judy Woods is approximately 40 hectares and isn't one wood, but a collection of smaller woods called; Low Wood, Old Hanna Wood, Royds Hall Great Wood and Jagger Park Wood. If you would like more information you can go on the official Friends of Judy Woods website.

Below are a selection of photos I have gathered while walking through the woods, enjoy!

A part of Low Wood accessible by wheel chair users.   A fallen tree branch in Low Wood.   A dead tree in Low Wood. An ideal habitat for wildlife.   A part of Old Hanna Wood accessible by public footpath.   A knarly old tree in Old Hanna Wood.   A different view of the same knarly old tree in Old Hanna Wood.   Another part of Old Hanna Wood.   An old tree in Old Hanna Wood.   Old Hanna Wood on the way back towards Low Wood.


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