WALKS - Norland

Norland Moor is situated near Sowerby Bridge above the small and quaint Village of Norland. In 2002 Norland Moor was designated a Local Nature Reserve due to it's beauty, recreational popularity and historical importance. Norland Moor is used regulary by joggers, ramblers, Horse Riders and dog walkers and is especially popular on weekends.

Norland Moor is approximately 250 acres and rises at the southern end Trig Point to about 932 feet (284 metres) above sea level. It can take up to 2 hours to complete and it is advised to start at the Moorcock Pub due to better parking. There are other entrances onto the Moor and two other parking areas, but these are quite small and can get full very quickly at busy times.

Norland Moor is very picturesque at any time of year and is well worth a visit, just don't forget your camera:


 A small stream meanders through the Moor   Frosty Pathway   A long frosty path.   A cold and frosty moor.Foggy View from Norland Moor.


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