The Dog Walking service is provided throughout the Calderdale and Kirklees area from Monday to Sunday all year round and in all weathers (different rates may apply).


A Winters view from the top of Norland Moor in frosty weather.   An image of a section of track on Norland Moor in the frost.


Up to 5 dogs can be walked at any one time and the car is fully equipped with a selection of removable car harnesses (which can be kept on during the walk as an aid  in low visibilty weather due to the reflective strips on the shoulder straps). There is a medium sized, double car crate with removable divider in the car to ensure the safety of your dog while travelling and it also has a large door at the back for convenience and emergencies. To aid comfort and grip there are towels in the crate that the animals can stand or lay on and which soak up excess water and dirt on your pets coat and paws. All of this means that we can be very versatile in what type and size of dog we can transport:


Empty Car Crate   Car Harness   A close up of the Car Harnesses connector and reflective strip.


We try to provide some variety to your dogs' normal walk and have a selection of different walks that we can take them on depending on where you live and your dogs' requirements. All dogs are walked on leash to begin with until a bond is formed with the walker and they can be trusted and let off. Even then though, dogs will only be let off leash with the owners' written consent.

Disclaimer - Even though we do our uppermost to ensure all dogs are returned to their owners in a healthy state of mind and body, there are times when unforseen circumstances arise that can lead to your dog not returning to it's walker or an accident occurring. Therefore all dogs must wear collars with an ID tag that must contain the owners name and contact number (preferably not the dogs name as this can make it easy for your dog to be stolen). All dogs must be fully vaccinated and although not a necessity, we would advise micro-chipped as well. Un-neutured bitches and dogs are excepted, however there may be an extra charge for bitches in season as they will have to be walked on their own (an exclusive charge of 5 may apply).


Hourly Walks:

You can choose from a half hr walk, a 1 hr walk or a 2 hr walk, once or twice a day.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in this service and would like to book an Assessment or you require more information about any of the services we provide.

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