Shelley who owns and runs Dog Treks is a qualified Animal Behaviourist. Her main interest is in Canine and Equine behaviour, however she has had experience with a variety of species and is more than willing to put herself out for any animal that needs her help and is always up for a challenge. No job is too big or small for her and she will make every effort to help you and your pet achieve harmony.



Although with this said, unfortunately, due to a lack of facilities, all rehab must be conducted in your own home or in a public place, which means that Shelley is unfortunately unable to except *Red Zone animals at this current time (to achieve balance these animals would ideally be boarded with her for a period of time, due to the severity of the problem the animal is better off not being with it's owners to begin with). Shelley is very keen to assure that this is only a temporary exclusion and as soon as suitable facilities become available she will be opening her doors to all cases again, hopefully in the not too distant future. If you think you may have a red zone animal and are concerned, please Contact Us for a FREE Assessment and Shelley will be able to advise you on a suitable course of action as some cases may appear to the untrained eye as red zone, but aren't. If it is a red zone then Shelley can still advise and support you on what to do next. 

Please note - Shelley never advises euthanisia as an option for behavioural problems.

*Red Zone animals are animals whose behaviour is dangerous to themselves and those around them and/or where correction of the behaviour problem doesn't work or where correction only seems to make the behaviour problem worse. This state doesn't just refer to severely aggressive animals, but also to severely hyperactive, obsessive and fearful animals aswell.

The techniques that are used by Shelley to rehabilitate your pets are in keeping with and have been adapted from the teachings of the world renowned dog behaviour expert Cesar Milan and horse whisperers Monty Roberts and Pat Parelli, which are just a few of the natural behaviour experts that have inspired her over the years. The teachings of calm assertive energy can be adapted to suit all species (including humans) to find balance and can therefore eradicate/prevent unwanted behaviours in all animals. Although this can be a lengthy and emotional process it requires full dedication, patience and co-operation from all owners to achieve full and permanent balance for all concerned.

The type and length of behaviour therapy that Shelley provides depends on the severity of the problem as some can be dealt with quickly, which the treatment will usually be free for, especially to regular clients as the behaviour problem can be dealt with while already walking or looking after their pet, so no extra time is needed. However, for a more severe case or if behaviour rehab is the only service you require then there will be a charge of between 15 to 30 per hour depending on the case. As each case can vary (even for the same problem) you will need to book a FREE Behaviour Assessment first. Afterwards you will receive a personal quote and treatment plan that suits your individual case and circumstances.

Please note that although basic pet advice can be given over the phone, it isn't advised for a behaviour problem as Shelley will need to see the animal in person and will need to witness the problem firsthand to gain a full understanding of the behaviour problem and therefore what treatment and techniques to use.

For more information or to book a FREE Assessment then feel free to Contact Us.