After you have contacted us and if you are interested in booking a service with Dog Treks you will have to book a FREE no obligation Assessment first to ensure that the correct service is provided that will meet you and your pets individual needs and circumstances and it also enables you to get to know more about Dog Treks, which can help you to decide whether you want to use us now or in the future. The Assessment is always arranged for a mutually convenient time and can be booked out of hours if neccessary. The Assessment normally takes about half an hour to an hour to complete, but can vary depending on the service requested and the amount of animals to be assessed.

The Assessment itself is made up of two parts:

1. Information Gathering - This consists of a half hour consultation where any questions you may have can be answered and we can find out in more detail what service you and your pet require. During this time an observation of your pets' behaviour, energy level and temperament will be noted.

2. Behaviour Assessment - This part of the Assessment will only be conducted if a service is requested that requires outside exercise (as it involves a short walk) or your pet has a specific behaviour problem that may need correction. This part of the Assessment allows a more detailed evaluation of your pets' behaviour. It should normally take half an hour to complete, but can take longer if there are several pets to be assessed or there is a particular problem that needs to be addressed there and then. This also allows an individual plan for your pets' specific needs to be developed, so your pet can acheive a balanced state and you as the owners will be able to observe how unwanted behaviour is corrected (If needed), how the walk is mastered and how your pet will be socialized and looked after. Also this part of the Assessment helps to start building up trust and respect between the member of staff at Dog Treks and you and your pet, which are the foundations on which a bond can be formed and built on in the future.

After the Assessment has taken place you can book a service with us there and then, or you can wait and book later. There is no obligation to book with Dog Treks at all, but incase you decide to use Dog Treks in the future your information will be kept on file by us for a year. If we haven't heard from you by then your file will be destroyed. If you contact us after the year is up you will need to book another Assessment before you can book a service with us.

Please note - As this will be your second Assessment with us there will be a charge of 10 to cover admin and fuel costs.


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