Dog Treks is owned and run by Shelley Heyhoe who qualified as an Animal Behaviourist from the University of Chester College in 2005 and has had many years experience with different kinds of animals in different environments and countries.

Dog Treks focuses on Behaviour Rehabilitation but also provides a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting service and FREE basic pet welfare advice for all clients if and when needed (for a more thorough consultation a behaviour/training appointment will need to be booked) , Contact Us for more information).

Unfortunately, due to a lack of facilities all services have to be undertaken in and around your own home. However, this can be beneficial to your pet as it keeps stress down to a minimum by following your pets' routine in an environment that it's familiar with. We can also provide overnight companionship and household security if required, which can be very important for pets with anxiety related behaviour problems.

Dog Treks provides a high level, professional service with the physical and psychological well-being of your beloved pet at the core of our philosophy. Our aim is that all animals exercised and looked after by Dog Treks are returned to their owners in a balanced state of mind and body.

We have a set Price List and times, but we are very adaptable to the specific needs and requirements of you and your pet and can be flexible with the services we provide.

Whatever your circumstances Contact Us and we will be glad to answer any questions that you have and book you a FREE, no obligation Assessment.